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  • How do you keep your Greens fresher longer?
    Hello, Just wondering if anyone has any tips on how they keep their fruits and vegetables fresher longer. Buying all organic I find myself throwing stuff away more than I would like to. Also any idea how long we can freeze the GGS for without them losing their nutrients? Or does it matter?
    Thank you for replying.
  • Help! not a salad fan, vegetable/ green smoothies before main meals equally bene...
    Being raised in an environment where salad wasnt readily available or given to us as children and throughout our teens, I find great difficulty eating salad as my taste for it hasnt developed and the texture/ taste makes me feel sick. However, since being introduced into alternative eating styles and Kims raw food philosophy, I enjoy regular raw smoothies and was wondering if having a raw vegetable/ green smoothie prior to every main meal would be just as beneficial as eating a salad prior to every main meal?
  • Salad Dressing help needed!
    I have been making my own salad dressing with 1:1 ratio of evoo and vinegar. I just realized that my evoo has 14 g fat per tbsp and 120 calories. Now, I am not calorie/fat counting, but this seems like a lot of fat. I had 3 tbsp of evoo for lunch which equals 42 g fat. Please help! I need salad dressing receipes...
    • ptizzz Have you read any of Kim's books? There are lots of good dressing recipes in them. My favorites are the Dharma's kale salad dressing and Kim's classic dressing (the beauty detox foods version). I'll also use the red pepper muhammara dip as a dressing, soooo good.
    • kasey I have not read any of the books. I will though, thanks!
  • Food Combining
    Sometimes I question myself with food combining. Is having a meal that includes quinoa, beans ok?
  • Making Mamas cooking BDS Official ?
    Hello hear warriors and beautifiers.
    Does any one hear filp their mom's cooking and try to make a vegan version of it. Like My mom makes these killer flautas , and mole, and pipian , but I've always wondered if I could make a healthier version of it without comprimsiing the taste.
  • Pregnant with Candida
    I think I may have Candida, but is it ok to cut out fruits while pregnant? Any other suggestions for eating while pregnant and trying to get rid of Candida?
    • Shannon Thank you!
    • Chris I suggest reading these articles from Kimberly's blog:


  • Friends and Family
    Hello All,

    My name is Ashley. I followed the GLS for some time and found that friends and family were rather unsupportive. They couldn't understand how I could become comfortable with that style of eating or why I would choose it. I also don't want to loose opportunities to go out for dinner or drinks however feel troublesome in ordering only water or sparkling water. Others seem to have expectations and I am finding it difficult to navigate and stand strongly in my decisions. In addition, I am a tiny person, and found that the weight loss which accompanies this program (which I feel great in) raises concern in those around me and they make comments about how safe I am being. Any love, support, and advice you may be able to offer would be a large support.

    Many thank you's,

    • Chris Here's one more video from FullyRawKristina about how to share your healthy lifestyle with family:

    • Chris Hi Ashley, have you considered going to a doctor and getting a checkup and some blood work done? Maybe hearing from a medical doctor that you are in good health and seeing it on paper with some blood test results will help your family and friends to be more accepting. Either way, its probably a good idea to see one. Of course it would be best to find a medical doctor who also has true understanding of good nutrition and the value of detoxification, which can be harder to find.
      When you go out for a meal, maybe you can get a salad, some herbal tea, fruit, or something else that you would feel good about having and will also make things less socially awkward. Instead of going out for drinks, how about finding a coffee/teahouse to go to? Or you could just have a glass of red wine, which Kimberly approves of (in moderation).

      Also, you might find this video helpful (its from FullyRawKristina- a very popular raw food vlogger and its about eating socially):

      And this post from Kimberly's blog:

      Hope this helps!
  • Kombucha Drink
    do you happen to know if kombucha is a healthy drink and it would not go against Kimberly's methodologies? I read both of her books and she did not mention Kombucha at all. I'm planning to make it myself at home with use of herbal/green tea mix.
    • Coco Just watched a module of her Glowing Lean Program and she says she drinks it when she's traveling, as it provides some beneficial probiotics. Hope this helps! x
    • Chris I've read on Kimberly's blog that she drinks kombucha herself, but that was a few years ago, and I don't know if she still does. I know that she recommended a few brands in this blog.

      She has told her followers/readers to stick to low-sugar kombucha (if drinking store-bought ones). I think she would want her followers to stick to water for a main beverage but thinks certain other beverages are fine in moderation. She did a podcast recently on beverages here:

      Also, because its made from tea, it does contain some caffeine, and caffeine consumption should be moderate because of its effects on the adrenals as well as other possible concerns, which she has also addressed in other blogs.

      Hopefully that helps.