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  • Hair loss - Am I missing something?
    I've been on the Beauty Detox program on/off for ~2 years and have been a vegetarian for ~4 years (pescatarian for about 2 years as I will occasionally eat seafood).
    Anyway, I'm very in tune with what I eat - green smoothie daily; quinoa, tempeh, tofu, lentils - good sources of protein. Take biotin, D3, B12 supplement, and hormonal supplement, probiotics and magnesium oxide supplements. I try to regulate my body's acidity/alkalinity by drinking organic ACV on a regular basis. With all this attention to my diet, I still seem to be losing abnormal amounts of hair. I love my diet and I don't want to go back to eating meat, but I'm concerned I'm missing something vital with this way of eating. Has anyone else experienced this problem and overcome it? Any suggestions? I appreciate any help or feedback!
  • Beginning my Beauty Detox journey Thursday, September 11
    I have been a paid member of the beauty detox community for months now and have owned her books for a year now. It's about time I actually do this instead of always putting it off for later in the future.
    This Wednesday I have set aside time to grocery shop to prepare for my beauty detox journey. What I am looking for are people for support, people who have gone through this and can share their experiences with me, and people who are starting themselves and need someone to talk to.
  • HOW TO: Gain weight while following the Beauty Detox Program and eating clean?!
    Hello Kimberly,

    As an expert nutritionist, what would be your advice to someone who is trying to gain weight, but still wants to follow the Beauty Detox Program and eat clean?

    The reason I throw in detox is because I also struggle with acne. I have stopped eating all unhealthy and problematic foods that would create digestive and, thereby, skin problems for myself. This includes all processed, meat, dairy and gluten food products. Instead, I opt for foods that will help me get rid of all the bad toxins roaming around inside; cleansing my internal system and organs, but still give me energy.

    Anyways, I would really appreciate it if you could please get back to me ASAP.

    Thank you so much, Kimberly! You are truly an inspiration.

    Warm regards and take care,
  • Eating Style Question
    Hello Kim :)
    I am actually writing you to ask you about another diet plan called "raw till four" which is currently followed by Freelee the banana girl.
    I would like to ask you opinion whether this type of eating style is appropriate and actually healthy.
    All the best
  • Please help! -- Totally confused on how to prepare flaxseeds :/
    What is the correct way to prepare flaxseeds? Kimberly says to soak them overnight, then grind them. A few questions here:
    1) Do I rinse the gel off and only grind the seeds or do I just rinse the seeds before soaking?
    2) Will a coffee grinder work or since they are wet from soaking do I need a special grinder? What grinder is recommended?
  • Can't access Glowing Lean?
    I paid the $97 for access to Glowing lean. It takes me to a login page but I have never been able to create a login! Anyone else having this problem?
  • Bikram
    What are your takes on Bikram Yoga??? Since Kim has mentioned before that heat can dry out your skin and hair.
  • Hot water with lemon
    Each morning its recommended we have hot water with lemon. I find it just as easy to add fresh ginger and cayanne pepper. Does anyone know if there Is any difference or reason why we should stick to just hot water with lemon vs the detox tea first thing in the morning?
  • Meal Plans to go idea
    I love the BDS and am always trying to share this lifestyle with my friends and family. Most of them are interested but are not attracted to the effort they have to put into changing their lifestyle. My mom for example, does not have time (she says) to juice or make smoothies, she does however like to buy bulk juices from local juicing stores and from time to time orders meal plans from our local gym (prepared food for a week).

    It would be great if Kim would open more of her Glow Bio stores around the US (and the world?). I also think she should start weekly prepared meal plans for people that they can buy locally. This would give a chance for people to try out the diet and would be good for the busy people who don't cook etc.
  • How patterns can add zing to your interior design (Part 1)
    Incorporating accent colors into your interior design is a well-known trick of the trade. Here’s another version of this idea less people know or think about: accent patterns. Consider your living room. What are some dominant patterns you see in your window treatments, your throw pillows, your rugs, your upholstery? Do they match? Do they clash? Like color palettes, it’s good to have a nice variety of patterns and textures in a room. You won’t want to make the mistake of being too matchy-match or being to random in your arrangements.

    Design expert Karl Lohnes has a few tips for how to incorporate appropriate, pleasing patterns into your home. If your home has not patterns or too many and you don’t want to start from scratch on your furnishings or interior design, think about how you could incorporate one tip at a time. As it comes time to replace one item or another, you can incorporate more of his ideas.

    Mixing patterns and textures

    Try to have a straight line and a curvy line in every room. Straight lines don’t have to be stripes or plaid, they can be any print or pattern with objects aligned in a linear fashion. For instance, a graphic T-shirt might not have stripes, but it could have a repeated motif that moves horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. Curvy lines include floral prints, paisley, or polka dots.

    Try not to have two of the same or similar pattern too close to one another unless the size or density of those patterns is significantly different. Otherwise, the arrangement will either look too repetitive or like a mistake. Also stay away from too much solid-colored fabric. Lohnes explained, “Solid (non-patterned) fabrics can help relieve the eye of too much visual movement but can sometimes look plain if they are not textured.”

    Communicating style

    The shapes and patterns you choose can have a distinctly feminine or masculine feel. Curvy patterns suggest the female shape, while straight lines are more rigid and masculine. Rounded patterns are also considered traditional while straight ones are modern. When you mix the two, don’t split their arrangement 50/50. An uneven distribution looks more pleasing. Use your favorite pattern for 70 percent of the pieces and save 30 percent for a complementary pattern.

    Interior Decorating and Remodeling News Brought to You by BaseBoardRadiatorCover.com

    Source: metronews.ca/voices/design-centre/1034364/the-basics-of-interior-design-patterns/
  • Organic Milk and Ojas
    In recently doing some research on the Ayurvedic concept of Ojas, or the fundamental essence that pure foods are digested into to create a balanced and blissful constitution, I have come across time and time again that organic milk is recommended for building Ojas. I know Kimberly's stance on dairy, and that it has no place in the diet, but I'm just curious how this relates to what Ayurvedic medicine diet and medicine has to say on the matter.
  • Coconut Water during Blossoming Beauty
    Does anyone know if it's ok to have coconut water during the blossoming beauty phase? I'm avoiding fruit right now and wasn't sure if coconut water would be considered a fruit juice?
    • Chris Coconut water contains a considerable amount of sugar, so its not suitable for Blossoming Beauty. You can, however, drink coconut water kefir which is fermented coconut water. I think the instructions for making it can be found in Beauty Detox Foods, but you can also find them on different blogs and websites.
  • Low sugar GGS
    Hi everyone!

    Just a little question: could someone give me the recipe for the low sugar version of the GGS?